Diego Manuel Béjar

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Diego Manuel Béjar

I was born in Asturias, a lot of years ago, and since 1997 I am living in Madrid.

I share my passion for technology and the Internet - I started programming in the late 80s and making websites in the mid 90s - with all kinds of cultural activities and personal projects.

I am very curious and I am always doing several things at the same time, so along the way I have been an entrepreneur, cultural manager, film director, restorer, writer, publisher, events organizer, playwright, producer, radio host, advertising model... among other extravagances.

I currently work as Tech Lead at Secuoyas, a digital studio full of talent with an amazing work philosophy. For more details about my professional profile, don't hesitate to connect with me on Linkedin.

Digital Skills Institute

One of my most recent projects is the Digital Skills Institute. In Digital Skills Institute we focus on the dissemination of useful content for the personal development of soft skills related to Innovation, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Communication, Human Resources and the implications of technology in society.


Developing apps and using them as a field for experimentation and development is funny for me. I am especially proud of Hoy Madrid, since it has thousands of downloads and is a complex project (in addition to the app, it has its own api, integration with various platforms, blog in Wordpress, microservices in AWS...).

Hoy Madrid


My beginnings in the Internet, in the 90's, were creating free online services. Years later, in the year 2000, the communications operator Jazztel bought this network of portals.

Currently, I am developing new online services. One of them is QR Boost, a QR code generator.


I have written and published in magazines since I was a child. Being more adult, I have published stories in two anthologies (Nocturnabilia and Tiempo al tiempo) and finally a novel (Cómo seducir a un hetero).

Cómo seducir a un hetero
Tiempo al tiempo


Almost by accident, I ended up in the theater world as a playwright. I started with the production of a monologue based on my novel, and that experience was followed by several micro-drama pieces that have been premiered in Madrid, Miami and Lima with considerable success.

I compile the works and their repercussions on the Esa Gente blog.

Esta Gente

Contact me

If you want to contact me, the easiest way is to send me a message through Linkedin.